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Chariots of Fire Ministries
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Prayer Is The Greatest Weapon Of Life
1.God commanded us to pray.
2.Prayer pleasures the heart of God.
3.Prayer will pleasure your own spirit.
4.Prayer affects the lives of others.
5.Prayer unleashes healing.
6.Prayer births uncommon miracles.
7.Your prayer requests should be made directly to the Father.
8.Every prayer request should be made in the name of Jesus.
9.Prayer reveals humility.
10.Intercessors are those called to pray for you.
11.Intercession was the habit of Jesus.
12.Intercessors are sought out by God.
13.Intercessors are needed by every one of us.
14.Intercession is the habit of uncommon champions of God.
15.Intercession is occurring right now in heaven for you.
16.Intercession occurs daily for you by the Holy Spirit within you.
17.The intercession of Jesus protected Peter from spiritual destruction.
18.Intercessors prevent tragedies from occurring in our lives.
19.When you recognize the intercessors God has assigned to you life, your respect for them will bring great results.
-Mike Murdock

More to come!

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