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Chariots of Fire Ministries
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1. Success is simply the obtaining of a desired goal.
2. Uncommon success will require uncommon mentors.
3. The problem you solve determines the profit you generate.
4. You will only be pursued for the problem people know you can solve.
5. Every sale will create a memory, for good or bad.
6. The excellence of you staff will be determined by you willingness to mentor them.
7. The magnatism of your kindness will outlast the memory of your genius.
-Mike Murdock
Twenty Facts You SHould Remember About ENEMIES
1. Jesus expected his disciples to stir up enemies.
2. Jesus instructed his disciples to anticipate enemies.
3. Jesus warned his disciples ahead of time that men would become their enemies.
4. You should never disclose publicly the amount of any damage done by your enemy.
5. An uncommon enemy will require uncommon wisdom.
6. Overcoming your enemy is the key to your rewards.
7. You will always have an enemy.
8. Your enemy is anyone unhappy over your progress.
9. Your enemy is a door, not a wall, to your next season.
10. Anything good always has an enemy.
11. When you discover your assignment, you will discover your enemy.
12. When God completes a season in your life, He hardens the heart of an enemy toward you.
13. Your enemy will attempt to involve you in unnecessary battles which promise little or no reward.
14. Loving your enemies will create a great reward.
15. Your enemy is often ignorant of your past victories, which makes them vulnerable and unprepared for you.
16. You should expect to win every battle against your enemy.
17. The Holy Spirit will teach you the principles of warfare against your enemy.
18. You will never outgrow your enemy - you must simply learn to fight.
19. Your enemy will not seek to understand you, but to discredit you.
20. Your enemy is a natural and necessary part of your life.
-Mike Murdock
25 Facts About the Uncommon Dream Within You!
1. You must continually visualize the uncommon dream in your heart and mind.
2. The uncommon dream will require uncommon patience.
3. God is committed to the uncommon dream He is birthing, whether you embrace it or not.
4. The uncommon dream is often birthed from uncommon pain.
5. The uncommon dream will require uncommon faith.
6. The uncommon dream must be born within you, not borrowed from others.
7. The uncommon dream will require uncommon focus.
8. The uncommon dream will require uncommon passion.
9. The uncommon dream will require uncommon favor with others.
10. The uncommon dream will require uncommon preparation.
11. The uncommon dream will qualify those who deserve access to you.
12. The uncommon dream will birth uncommon habits.
13. The uncommon dream creates uncommon adversaries.
14. The uncommon dream will determine what you do first each morning.
15. The uncommon dream is usally the opposite of your present circumstances.
16. The uncommon dream will require the miracles of God.
17. The uncommon dream will always require the assistance of others.
18. The uncommon dream may require uncommon negotiations with others.
19. The uncommon dream will require an uncommon plan.
20. When you announce the uncommon dream, those who believe in you will be encouraged and energized to assist you.
21. When you announce the uncommon dream, those who are tempted to oppose you may decide to join you because of your determination.
22. When you announce the uncommon dream, you make it more difficult to fail.
23. When you announce the uncommon dream, you will create an instant bond with those who have had a similar desire and goal.
24. The uncommon dream will require careful and wise use of your time.
25. Your recognition of the uncommon dream birthed by God will unlock your greatest ideas, creativity and energy to create a truly UNCOMMON LIFE.   - Mike Murdock
7 Facts to Remember
1. Your words are deciding your financial success.
2. Your words decide what others FEEL.
3. Your words reveal your wisdom.
4. Your words are deciding your own joy.
5. Your words decide the flow of favor into your life.
6. Your words reveal your respect for protocol.
7. Your words decide your access to leaders.
-Mike Murdock
9 Facts about Goal-Setting
1. Uncommon men set uncommon goals.
2. Planning cures disorder.
3. Establishing specific goals enables you to complete your assignment from God.
4. Goal-setting requires your personal time, discipline, courage and patience.
5. You must decide for yourself what you really want out of life.
6. Get alone with God and His Word.
7. Write down on a sheet of paper every single dream, goal and desire that is presently important to you.
8. Choose the top three goals out of the long list.
9. Be alert to the people God will send into your life to help you fulfill His purpose, and be responsive to obey God when He directs your talents to help fulfill the dreams of others.
-Mike Murdock
10 Steps to Uncommon Achievement
1. Discern the true definition of success.
2. Set definite goals for yourself.
3. Make your goals balanced and reasonable.
4. Meditate on Scripture.
5. Discern the spiritual mentor that most increases your love for God.
6. Pursue quality people in your life.
7. Invest in yourself.
8. Make your time count.
9. Find what you are good at, whether it's mechanical work, public speaking, or artwork.
10. Cultivate a teachable spirit.
-Mike Murdock
4 Business Secrets
1. Believe that your business success matters to God.
2. Do what you truly love.
3. Become knowledgable in breakthrough technology.
4. Set daily goals.  Maintain a master list of things to do.
-Mike Murdock

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