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Chariots of Fire Ministries
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Biblical Prosperity
Dr. Mike Murdock
-Your seed is anything you have received from God that you can sow into someone else.
-God always gives you something to begin your future.
-Everything you have is your seed or your harvest.
-A seed of nothing guarantees a season of nothing.
-When you increase the size of your seed, you increase the size of your harvest.
-When you get involved with God's dream, He will get involved with your dream.
1. Your seed is anything that blesses another person.
2. Your seed must be planted into good soil.
3. Your seed must be wrapped with your faith.
4. The regularity of your sowing determines the regularity of your reaping.
5. You do not owe your harvest to another.
6. Waiting always follows sowing.  Nobody sows and reaps.
7. The Law of Seed, Time and Harvest is to document your faith in God.
Mike Murdock
SEED-Time...For Farmers Is Not Always That Easy - Mike Murdock
1. Your seed is your investment toward change.
2. Your seed is a portrait of your faith in God.
3. Your seed is not enough to be your harvest anyway.
4. Your seed is powerless until it enters a covenant with the soul.

More to come!

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