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The World of Henry Kenneth Bulmer

Page dedicated to the series of books by 'Dray prescot', and told to Alan Burt Akers (a.k.a. Henry Kenneth Bullmer, a.k.a. Ken Bulmer).  It is set on Kregen, a planet in the Antares star system.
Dray starts his adventure thus:
"Although I have had many names and been called many things by the men and beasts of two worlds, I was born plain Dray Prescot."
And the adventure continues. 

  1. Transit of Scorpio
  2. The Suns of Scorpio
  3. Warrior of Scorpio
  4. Swordships of Scorpio
  5. Prince of Scorpio
  6. Manhounds of Antares
  7. Arena of Antares
  8. Fliers of Antares
  9. Blademan of Antares
  10. Avenger of Antares
  11. Armada of Antares
  12. Wizard of Scorpio - Short Story
  13. The Tides of Kregen
  14. Renegade of Kregen
  15. Krozair of Kregen
  16. Secret Scorpio
  17. Savage Scorpio
  18. Captive Scorpio
  19. Golden Scorpio
  20. A Life For Kregen
  21. A Sword For Kregen
  22. A Fortune For Kregen
  23. A Victory For Kregen
  24. Beasts of Antares
  25. Rebel of Antares
  26. Legions of Antares
  27. Allies of Antares
  28. Mazesof Scorpio
  29. Green Shadows - Short Story
  30. Lallia the Slave Girl - Short Story
  31. Delia of Vallia
  32. Fires of Scorpio
  33. Talans of Scorpio
  34. Masks of Scorpio
  35. Seg the Bowman
  36. Werewolves of Kregen
  37. Witches of Kregen
  38. Storm Over Vallia
  39. Omens of Kregen
  40. Warlord of Antares
  41. Scorpio Reborn
  42. Scorpio Assassin
  43. Scorpio Invasion
  44. Scorpio Ablaze
  45. Scorpio Drums
  46. Scorpio Triumph
  47. Intrigue of Antares
  48. Gangs  of Antares
  49. The Demons of Antares
  50. Scourge of Antares
  51. Challenge (Feud) of Antares
  52. Wrath of Antares
  53. Shadows Over Kregen
  54. Spectre Over Kregen -or- Murder On Kregen
  55. Turmoil On Kregen