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That's me in 1995.  My son was just born and I was giving my beautiful wife a break. (Yup that's her in the forest below.  Ain't she a doll!) At that time I had a bird and dog.  My bird passed away 9/1/2001 at the age of 23!  My dog tragically died in 1998!  We now have a beautiful collie/shephard mix, and a turtle.  We did have a hamster but due to an unfortunate accident, she passed away (our dog wanted to play..but a little too hard).  The next acquisition will probably be an African Grey parrot!  I'm creating a zoo!

(P.S. - Sam, our dog, passed away June 9, 2008, unexpectedly due to sarcoma of the spleen.  Even the vet didn't suspect that.  Now Sam sits on our mantlepiece.  Soon to join him will be Ginger, the dog in the previous picture.  I sure miss them!) Squirtle the Turtle is doing fine.  He tries to escape now and then.

Now,May 8, 2014, my son is 18, is graduating HS and going to college doing better than ever. He is officially 5 inches taller than mom and is going through that stage...if you know what I mean! Time for that talk!

Me?  I've lost about 82 pounds, been diagnosed with borderline Type 2 diabetes (I'm fighing this one!) and am getting older (56 but am 17 mentally) and better looking each day!  Who says I don't have an ego! LOL!

My wife...well she's as beautiful as ever!  She never changes!

The following picture is Sam!  See you and Ginger and the rest of my cherished pets at the Rainbow Bridge!

We have a new addition to our household.  His name is Jedediah (Jed for short).  He's a Corgy/Husky mix.  He's been training on obedience which is ok, but he seems to  have a plastic, paper, or trash anything that's edible he will, deficiency.  Has caused havoc at times but he can be loving and obedient other times.  His official birthday is 1/16/2008 since we adopted him and took him home on 1/16/09 at the age of 1 year (egads he's still a puppy!) Picture to follow soon.

Jed's doing great as of May 2014.  He's 6 but he's very loving and loyal.  Occasionally I wonder if he remembers the first year of his life where someone had the audacity to throw him out of a car! He's very cuddly and affectionate and although he wants attention, he'd just curl up on top of you and be comfortable. God has been good to me in raising my furry and not-so furry additions to my home. Thank you Lord!
More to come!



What's New? I've added a Financial Opportunity link.  I hope this will help those in financial need.
May 8 2014 - Edits and Additions.

This website is constantly changing.  As in life, this site adapts to any changes made!

Here's some sites that may help you in your sitiation