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A Tribute To Gordon Scott - The Last Days

Farewell My Friend



To A Fellow Actor and Friend




A Legend That Will Never Die



I had only met Gordon recently (February 2007), but I felt that I had known him forever!  When I went to see him at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, he was kind and gracious and wouldn't hesitate to shake your hand and smile.  We talked and I expressed my reason for getting in contact with him.  We, as fans, wanted to express to Gordon that he wasn't forgotten and that he had more friends that he could imagine.  I had relayed that as a member of the National Capital Panthans, a part of the Burroughs Biblophiles, we, as a group, decided that we wanted to help him get back on his feet and reintroduce him to fandom.  He like the idea and expressed an interest in attending one or more of our meetings and possibly the convention in Louisville in August 2007.  I also retrieved mail and some things from the rehab center and asked if he needed anything.  Gordon expressed a weakness that the hospital couldn't provide...milk and cookies!  Needless to say, I went to the local grocery store nearby and...you know the rest!
Gordon was always grateful. 
The National Capital Panthans adopted Gordon and made him an honorary lifetime member of the Panthans.  He loved it.  I also started to deliver his mail as most of it sat around and wasn't delivered.  He appreciated that and even found a fan in the next bed, who was there for a day before I got there and figured out who Gordan was...Tarzan!  That day we took two pictures which turned out to be the last pictures Gordan ever took.  What an omen.
The second time I visited Gordon, he was in good shape compared to before and was even taking walks around the ward and the campus!  Great!  As I was leaving, he mentioned that they tested his heart and everything was clear but that they wanted to replace one of his valves to get more oxygen to the body and help his emphysema.
The next couple of weeks Gordon was transferred to Johns Hopkins University's Medical Hospital to do the replacement.  Between Skyler Brower, Roger and Betty Thomas, and myself, we finally located Gordon, who was being stubborn about doing the replacement (prophetic?).  Finally he had the replacement done about 4 weeks before he gave up.  I visited him in sanitary garb but he mainly slept and I watch him and occasionally talked.  I delivered and read mail to him.  I hope he heard.
Two weeks later I visited him again.  He was conscious but having trouble and they had to watch him.  I again gave him mail and read most of it to him.  My stay was short but Gordon appreciated it.  He was getting frustrated as the complications from the surgery crept up.
My last visit to Gordon has a prelude.  After my vist on April 24, I started to get images and messages from God saying I needed to talk to Gordon about deep and spiritual things about eternity. (For those who don't believe this, please bear with me)  I kept fighting to do this because I was so unsure.  But after about a week and a half, I decided to talk to him and let God give me the words.
April 28, 2007 - I arrived at about 2:50 p.m. at the ICU area since Gordon's symptoms were worse, but hopeful.  I delivered the mail to him and began to chat with him.  This was a one-way thing since Gordon was semi-conscious and couldn't talk due to a feeding tube in his stomach.  What happened in the next half hour blows me away.  I, through the grace of God, shared the Gospel to Gordon and related it to my life which in ways was similar, yet different than his.  As I prayed, a tear came to his eye, and I knew he heard, maybe accepted.  I was hopeful. (For those who aren't believers, the hope part is most important here, so again bear with me).  I left the hospital around 3:30 p.m. and just missed Betty Thomas who arrived about 15 minutes later.  One thing I did as I left is I put my fist on his heart area and said, "You better get well Gordon!  I still owe you dinner!"  And I left.  Who would have known that that was to be the last time I'd see Gordon, my friend, alive....
I received the call from Betty on April 30, my wife's birthday, at about 10:55 a.m. and returned her call at about 11:10 a.m. as I was going from one building to the next at work.  I was in shock!  I just couldn't believe it!  Gordon passed away at about 10:50 a.m. due to complications from heart surgery!  Was that surgery immediately necessary or could they have held off a bit to when Gordon was stronger and in better spirits?  We may never know!
As the days roll by, the details grow and grow for his last physical ride.  He wanted to be buried with his parents in Oregon.  Is that possible?  I sure hope so.  My friend deserves that.  I'll miss him very much.  I grew to love that man as an actor I've seen in the pictures, but also as a friend.  May our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and also to his friends both old and new.  May God give them comfort.
I hope our brief friendship made a difference.  I know it has for me.
If Gordon made that pledge,  I'll be paying for dinner when my time comes.
I hope you like the last pictures of Gordon Scott.  As fellow fan and friend Dorothy Howell says:  WANISHI (May your path be beautiful)!
Thank you.



Thanks go to Jeffrey B. Gibson for improving my hasty photography.